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Duty is the guide and the promise that a samurai’s actions serve the Celestial Order and the Greater Good of the Emerald Empire. No samurai can aspire to a more worthy or noble cause than this. And yet not all lords fulfill their side of that promise. Instead, some lords use Duty as the chain that will drag the samurai straight to hell…

Summary: In this adventure, the players will be taking the role of samurai that are serving as the deputies, or yoriki, for an Emerald Magistrate that has fallen to a corruption that threatens the Emerald Empire itself. The player characters will be forced to grapple with the chain of duty that binds them to the corrupted magistrate and they must overcome their fear of betraying the sacred code of Bushido. First, the players will have to put together the disturbing clues that will reveal their lord’s true nature, and then must decide what to do now that they work for a servant of Fu Leng rather than the Celestial Order. What will they be prepared to abandon in order to defeat a foe they are sworn to serve?


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